Monday, October 25, 2010



David Irving, the controversial British historian, will speak today at a secret fascist convention staged by men in America whose aim is to whitewash Hitler.

The three-day conference, staged by the Institute for Historical Review, is so secret that participants were told to to arrive yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport from where they would be bussed to the conference site at a motel somewhere in southern California. One hundred and twenty-five Nazi symnpathizers are expected to attend.

The Institute claims that the Holocaust never happened and The Diary of Anne Frank is a hoax.

This group was formed five years ago by a mysterious American named Willis Carto, an "invisible" tycoon of the Far Right in the United States, and a British National Front activist named David McCalden.

Until he left the institute after a dispute with Carto in 1981, McCalden served as the institute's director under the alias Lewis Brandon. He helped organize the institute's first convention at Northrup University in California in September 1979. It was there that a reward of $50,000 was offered to anyone who could prove Jewish prisoners were gassed by the Nazis during World War II.

California businessman Mel Mermelstein soon staked a claim. Baited relentlessly by institute mailings to his home, Mermelstein submitted an affidavit detailing his experience at Auschwitz, where he last saw his mother and two sisters as they were led away to what he later discovered was a gas chamber.

The institute dragged its feet so Mermelstein filed a $16 million suit in Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract, mental anguish and injurious denial of established fact.

The institute has offices in an industrial zone of Torrance, a Los Angeles suburb not far from Carto's home. It conducts its sordid business through a local post office box, an address it onee shared with the Noontide Press, Carto's publishing house. The institute publishes and distributes anti-Semitic and racist books, and a quarterly "academic" journal.

Until this weekend, David Irving, author of Hitler's War and a host of other controversial books, has kept his distance from Carto and the "revisionists."

The Toronto Star received a letter from Liberty Lobby lawyer Fleming Lee threatening to sue for libel and demanding a retraction.

No retraction was published.

No lawsuit was filed.

In 2005, David Irving was arrested and jailed in Austria for denying the Holocaust.