Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This article was published by the (UK) Daily Mirror on February 12th, 1980.

It was July 1972 at a mansion in the beautiful Pocantico Hills sixty miles north of New York City that the Trilateral Commission was born.

Pocantico Hills is owned and run by the five grandsons of the legendary oil magnate John D. Rockefeller.

Around the huge oak table sat sixteen men. David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank and one of America's wealthiest citizens, headed the meeting.

At his side was Zbigniew Brzezinski, then head of the Russian Studies department at Columbia University and who is now President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser.

Together they took it in turns to explain their new brainchild, the Trilateral Commission--so named because they wanted to bring together the economic giants of the USA, Europe, and Japan.

They were determined to make the Trilateral Commission the most powerful private body of mankind the world had ever known. They were to be the Kingmakers.

Since that time the Commission has become in effect the shadow government of the Western world. Its members have either recently held high office in the government or are destined to be the world leaders of tomorrow.

Two of the original members of the Commission in 1973 were the unknown Governor of Georgia Jimmy Carter and the former Tory Minister Peter Carrington.

In three years Jimmy Carter was to leap from nowhere to become President of the United States and Peter Carrington was to become one of Britain's most effective Foreign Secretaries.

Fifteen months after the Pocantico gathering the Commission held its first official meeting in a luxury hotel in the new economic powerhouse of the world, Tokyo.

Two hundred and twenty five of the world's most influential men--bankers, industrialists, diplomats, academics and senior politicians--had been personally invited to become members.

David Rockefeller, inaugurating that first conference, said: "Private citizens are often able to act with greater flexibility than governments in the search for new and better forms of international cooperation."

Rockefeller explained his new idea, which would in reality come to mean global manipulation of economic policies by a powerful group of private citizens.

The Commission works like this: Task Force papers are produced by experts on orders from the Commission.

These range from from economic policies to nuclear power, from the energy crisis to the future of democracy.