Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This article appeared in the (UK) Sunday People on February 24th, 1980.


We were led to an altar--a table draped with an American flag which partially covered an unsheathed sword, and holding a glass of water and a Bible.

Imperial Emperor Robert Scoggin then ushered in seven fully-robed Klans-people, including two females. Their flowing robes were of either scarlet, purple, black, white or green satin--and some were hooded and masked.

They formed a solemn circle around us and Scoggin took a position behind a cross facing us.


Then Scoggin performed the initiation ritual.

During this 30 minute "natualisation," as Scoggin called it, we were each made to swear an oath of allegiance to the Klan.

Among our many oaths we had to affirm that we would "faithfully obey" the Klan's constitution and laws and that we would faithfully strive "for the eternal maintenance of white supremacy."

Then he bent forward and warned us that the penalty for treason was death.

He pointed to the skin of a rattlesnake pinned to the wall and said: "I got that rattlesnake before it got me and that's what you've got to do with Klan traitors."

We were applauded by the assembled Klans-people. They removed their masks and hoods and filed past us to congratulate us as fellow Klansmen.

Scoggin then spoke of his secret plans for Britain and showered us with racialist propaganda to take home.

Scoggin urged us: "Organise rallies and meetings to win support. Set up units in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and appoint a Grand Dragon (leader) for each area."

Last week we revealed how John Fisher, of Stockport, Cheshire, a former ice cream salesman who is now an airman, was chosen to lead the operation in Britain.

Scoggin went on to urge the use of arms and showed us part of his personal arsenal.

It included a Smith and Wesson pistol, a Walther P38 pistol, a selection of smaller pistols, which he said could be easily concealed, and a 375 Winchester rifle.

"All Klansmen keep arms over here," he said. "I know it's illegal in Britain, but your members should have them too. Keep them hidden in your homes. You'll never know when you need to use them on the niggers.

"Make sure your members are able to use their weapons," said Scoggin.. "You could train them on rifle ranges quite legitimately by joining shooting clubs."

Scoggin again suggested rallies in Britain and said, "The climax should be a burning cross."