Friday, November 26, 2010


We penetrate Fiery Cross Terror Gangs

Robert Scoggin's den was plastered with posters.

One showed a black man about to stab a frightened white mother embracing her two children, along with the slogan: "The time is coming--will you be ready?" It also showed a Klansman brandishing a rifle.

Another showed a black man with the slogan: "He may be your equal, but he sure isn't ours!"

Yet another portrayed a tearful white girl holding a torn white dress and the slogan: "The black savage must go. Every 14 minutes a woman is raped in the USA. Unite together white men."

Scoggin has a huge business in mail-order Klan paraphernalia. His stock includes emblems, embroidered patches, car bumper and window stickers, belt buckles, earrings, tie pins and neckties. "I send them all over the world," he said.

Klan recruits are measured up and supplied with robes, hoods and masks. After measuring us, Scoggin said, "I'll call the robe factory right now." He said they would be red because he had made us Kleagles (officers) and would cost us 16 pounds each. He also gave us badges to decorate the robes.

In Jail

Scoggin says he has been a Klan member for 26 years and claims to be the longest-serving KKK officer in America. He proved his dedication in the Sixties by refusing to answer questions about the Klan before the un-American activities Committee.

At the time, it was claimed that the Klan was making bombs to destroy stores and restaurants which permitted blacks to eat at lunch counters. For contempt of Congress, Scoggin spent nine months in jail.

Fully robed and hooded, we later took part in a KKK rally and its ritual of burning the cross.


We were accompanied by Emperor Scoggin who took us into a field and presented us with red satin robes, hoods and masks.

Klan members stood around in their robes of white, scarlet, green, purple and black. Many wore masks.

Up to 300 members of the public were harangued by speakers friom different Klan units.

The climax to the rally came as Klansmen were handed flaming torches and circled and lit the 20-feet high pinewood cross.

Klan rallies are held regularly across America, and Klanspeople are often arrested for racial disturbances.

And Emperor Scoggin made it clear that he expects his English disciples to do the same.