Monday, November 15, 2010


This article appeared in the (UK) Sunday People (front page and center spread) on February 17th, 1980.


The People investigates the men who want to see America's race terror here

A plot to set up the banned Ku Klux Klan in Britain was blown wide open by Sunday People investigators.

Posing as Klan sympathizers, we penetrated the British connection of the organisation and uncovered their potentially evil web of hate.

Investigators were actually initiated as robed Knights of the Klan and met English recruits.

We learned of detailed plans masterminded by a Klan boss in America to flood Britain with racialist propaganda.

The campaign was to include:

* A massive membership drive in Britain.

* Training in the use of weapons.

* Arms caches to be hidden in members' homes.

* Burning crosses in major cities.

Terror tactics against blacks and Jews.

A former ice cream salesman from Cheshire is the man chosen as leader--or "Grand Dragon"--of the Klan's Brish branch.

He is John Fisher of Sycamore Street, Cheadle Heath, Stockport.

He declared at a remarkable meeting of Klan supporters held in Clerkenwell, London, that he would "knuckle a nigger any time because that's the way I feel about them."


Fisher boasted that he already had 40 to 50 names of prospective members.

The meeting began at an hotel to which Fisher drove from Stockport.

There to greet him were other racialists, some of whom have already sent membership applications to America.

They included John Woods, a garage worker of Spring Garden, Highbury, London, a father of four who claims he left the National Front because they are "all talk and no action," his sons Brian and Tony and another supporter.

Woods had sent 30 pounds in membership fees to the States--10 pounds each for himself and his sons.

Fisher suggested that burning crosses (the Klan symbol) in Britain's major cities would help to bring in new recruits.

He said sympathisers could get hoods costing 16 pounds each sent over from the States. Klansmen could leap out of cars and confront "soots" (colored people) to terrify them.
Fisher stressed that people should not be attacked indiscriminately.

"Because we are doing it in the name of the Klan, we have to make sure there's a reason," he said.

Fisher and John Woods agreed that it would be a good idea to scan court records and select a "coon" who had been up for assaulting a white girl and then go after him.

In Part II: The Klan meeting carries onto a nearby pub.