Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This article appeared in the (UK) Sunday People (front page and center spread) on February 17th, 1980.


The meeting continued in a pub--and again our investigators tagged along.

John Woods was quick to notice three West Indians having a drink by the saloon's bar door. "Soots, you can't go anywhere without having them creep in," he said. "You go out for a quiet country pub and you've got them."

He said he had a "hundred men," all of them real tough notes, but they "didn't have the bottle" to turn up at an open meeting such as the one we were having.


Woods Senior came up with several bizarre plans to intimidate blacks and people who mixed with them.

He said he had police uniforms and a police warrant card. He suggested that we could "nick a wog" pretending to be police, take him away somewhere quiet for questioning and beat him up.

Another of his ideas was to kidnap a white girl and a black man when they were out together then paint the black man white and the girl black.

He talked several times about what good propaganda it would be to seize a black man, tie him up and paint him white. "It's action that we want--that's what makes people think."

He was keen on an idea proposed by David Fisher to have burning crosses in all major cities to get new recruits, but he felt we should go further and have a "coon" tied up alongside the cross.

He also suggested that Klan members might dress up in hoods and be photographed "hanging" a Klan member painted black.

At one point, Woods said, "We don't want to actually kill any--just maim a few. There's got to be bloodshed."

At another meeting at John Woods' home at which Sunday People undercover investigators were present, Woods and his son, Brian, were again enthusiastic about joining the Klan.

Woods said that he had been area orginser in Highbury of the National Front... but he had left because all they were interested in was talking. "There's no action--they haven't got the gumption for this," he said.

Both his sons, he said, were in the British Movement. He said that his other son had been attacked by a "soot." He added that he was determined to get him., and that at some stage he planned to "blast the coon."

He would use one of the shotguns he had under the bed in his bedroom. "I have three shotguns under the bed. The Old Bill would do their nut if they knew."