Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is one of the earliest articles published on the Bilderberg Group. It was published in the November 1976 edition of Verdict, a UK magazine.

In these pages, VERDICT tells the story of the Bilderberg Group, a story that will astonish all the freedom-loving citizens of the Western world that prides itself on democracy.

Bilderberg is a gathering of the most powerful, most political influential and most wealthy men in the West.

Every year for the last 24 years they have met in heavily-guarded secrecy, covertly influencing the economies and politics of independent nations.

All attempts to uncover the workings of Bilderberg have been systematically suppressed from the highest level.

In this world exclusive (by Robert Eringer), VERDICT reveals for the first time the activities of this secret group and the names of the powerful men behind it.


The report of the 1974 Megeve Conference shows that the conference discussed Prospects for the Atlantic World. These were given to the conference from the point of view of a French, a British, a German and an American observer. The conference then went on to discuss, during three seven-hour sessions, the following subjects:

1. Process of European Integration;

2. Character of East-West Detente;

3. Essence of Present NATO Strategy;

4. Economic Considerations;

5. Energy Developments;

6. European-American Relations.

Leaks have shown more startling contents than that of the Bilderberg meetings.

What sort of political insight, one wonders, did C.D. Jackson, President Dwight Eisenhower's national securiry assistant, have, for example, when he opened the 1954 conference by saying: "Whether Joe McCarthy (the Communist witch-hunter) dies by an assassin's bullet, or is eliminated in the normal American way of getting rid of boils on the body politic, I prophesy that by the time we hold our next meeting he will be gone from the American scene."

And, indeed, he was.

The former American amassador to West Germany, George McGhee, has said: "The Treaty of Rome, which brought the Common Market into being, ' was nurtured at these meetings."

But a more serious accusation has come from the fiercely independent William Loeb in his paper, the Manchester (New Hampshire) Union Leader. Writing about the Woodstock, Vermont meeting of April 1971, Loeb wrote: "At a top secret conference, a presidential adviser leaked information on the proposed ecenomic freeze to a select group of national and international figures enabling them, according to a Washington source, to profit to the tune of fifteen to twenty billion dollars. The same presidential adviser also revealed President Nixon's plan to visit Red China, which further enabled these figures tio make future commercial plans for mainland China."

The only reason that the Bilderberg Group has insisted--with the help of the Press lords--in functioning in total secrecy, is to allow its participants to speak without having to be publcly accountable for their words.

What, one may ask, is it that they do not want to have to account for to the public?

And just how does this fit in with the West's image of a free world democracy?